Turn high fidelity UI images into mockups
Create low fidelity mockdowns, redact user information, use for explainer videos or concept walkthroughs.
Upload desktop, web or mobile screen view. Tip: Light text colors won't convert well.

How does it work?

Upload a UI screen and mockdown's a.i. process will transform it into a low fidelity image.

Who is it for?

Designers and makers who want low fidelity images for explainers and walkthroughs.
Mockdown in action
Pick a UI image and let mockdown do the rest. No Sketch or Photoshop necessary! Upload your screenshot and within a few seconds a your image will be transformed into a Mockdown. Right-click, save as and use any way you like.
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Why is Mockdown free?
Mockdown is free because it is currently still in beta and under development. The beta period is free to collect more feedback from users.
When are new features coming?
We are working in bi-weekly sprints and introducing new features as quickly as possible.
Will I need to pay in the future?
When the Beta ends, Mockdown will have paid plans that unlock extra features not available to free users. You can continue using Mockdown for free with limitations.
How do I report a bug or request a feature?
You can send us a tweet at EpicAi on Twitter or send an email to team@epic.ai
Do you store my files?
No, your high fidelity images are only streamed to our servers for processing. We do not save your files, ever.
Is this open source?
We are working on docs and then we will open source for all.