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We strive to do meaningful things 
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At Epic, we are developing and advancing groundbreaking technologies in the area of artificial intelligence. We're shaping new ideas with this powerful technology. We recognize that artificial intelligence amplifies human capabilities in ways that will transform business as we know it.

The Technology behind A.I. is only one ingredient in determining the trajectory of A.I. and its influence. Economics, government policy and social attitudes will play major roles as well. Our mission is to couple the strength of these technologies in ways that distribute new benefits to people and businesses across the world.
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Recent Updates

Introducing Mockdown

Create low fidelity mockdowns, redact user information, use for explainer videos or concept walkthroughs. Powered by computer vision.

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Introducing Reccomendations: Helping you find investors using machine learning

Investor Intelligence - Today we're excited to announce Reccomendations, giving you the power to find investors more easily using machine learning. Insights help you see trends on who opens emails we send, historic deal flow and location in the world.

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Building unbiased artificial intelligence: Inclusion and Diversity across a team developing A.I.

Diversity plays an essential role in teams creating AI systems. It is critical that as AI systems perform more tasks on their own, these systems reflect objectivity and consideration.

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Calculating the cost of app development using machine learning

We have collected data from thousands of app development projects. Use our interactive calculator to determine how much it costs to develop an app in 2019. Answer a few simple questions and instantly get an estimate

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