Building and investing in Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

We strive to do meaningful things with the resources we have.

At Epic, we are developing and advancing groundbreaking technologies in the area of artificial intelligence. We recognize that artificial intelligence amplifies human capabilities in ways that will transform business as we know it. Blockchain technology makes for a more accessible, secure and open way to transact policy, agreements and currency. The Technology behind A.I. is only one ingredient in determining the trajectory of A.I. and its influence. Economics, government policy and social attitudes will play major roles as well. Our mission is to couple the strength of these technologies in ways that distribute new benefits to people and businesses across the world.

Using artificial intelligence to help us build apps

Today, we’re excited to unveil Crane Ai, a platform that helps build apps using artificial intelligence. You can join our beta program starting today.

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Introducing CoinDealer: Next generation blockchain wallet

Simple, powerful, safe & secure. 
CoinDealer makes cryptocurrency accessible and easy to use for all.

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Past, Present & Future of Blockchain: Interview with EpicAi Founder Ryan Hickman

Speaking to the impact of blockchain technology and the implications artifical intelligence has on it.

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An ICO is not an exit: Build a real business

The case for an ICO/ITO. What to consider before launching an ICO for your startup thinking it is an easy exit — news alert: it’s not.

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Building unbiased artificial intelligence: Inclusion and Diversity across a team developing A.I.

Diversity plays an essential role in teams creating AI systems. It is critical that as AI systems perform more tasks on their own, these systems reflect objectivity and consideration.

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Core Values

Inclusion and diversity are the foundation of all EPICAI companies, we believe such a theme should resonate in all that we do. We respect and value uniques and diversity of thought. We’re talking everyone, everywhere, all the time, regardless of background, level, circumstance or experience. Ideas are richer and execution is strong when everyone feels included.

Great Ideas + Epic Teams

We’ve built teams of world-class engineers, designers, marketers, and investors who work together to to solve problems using artificial intelligence and blockchain. We believe that diversity on gender, ethnicity, age and background united with diverse industries yields business benefits and push boundaries in limitless ways.

E — Excellence, P — Passion, I — Integrity and C — Collaboration